Charcuterie is a blend of love and art expressed with enthusiasm on a serving board to bring extravagant flavors and colors to the table. Hailing from France, this 15th-century culinary art derived its presence from the need to cure and preserve meat. And let's face it — preserved meat with condiments and spices gives mind-blowing flavors.

To add more elegance to the evening - add an ageless companion to it, a glass of fine wine, and some good old cheese !! 

So If you are with us and drooling already, let's dig into some amazing charcuterie spots or restaurants in Amherst.

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Graze Craze Amherst
5.0  5 Rating (1) Temprary Closed
83 Cowls Rd., Commercial Unit A2, Amherst MA, 01002
Graze craze offers a range of options from boards to boxes to tables, catering to you and your beloved to a bunch of old pals meeting on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
Their assortments are customizable, so every order has a sense of uniqueness — just as a charcuterie should be!
Bistro 63
Restaurant $$
63 North Pleasant Street, Amherst MA, 01002
Holding world-class beverage options in the cellar with 100% organic and biodynamic wines, these are the best companion to go with flavorful charcuterie. So, do not hold back your oenophile senses, and come here right away for a flavorful experience.
Restaurant $$
30 Boltwood Avenue, Amherst MA, 01002
With an old English charm to the ambiance, this is a place where age-old friends or new acquaintances meet and greet to start a new chapter of life.
Sit with your friends over a good platter of cheese, and worry not - the ingredients are sourced from local farms. Your charcuterie and cocktails will also have a seasonal touch. A must-visit place!
28 Amity Street, Amherst MA, 01002
This quaint little restaurant next to the Amherst cinema serves you with the right attitude and love. Oh, and the best cheeses, meat, and savory crackers! It will hit just the right spot for you and your loved one. So if you are looking for a hidden gem in Amherst, this is it.
Other $$
30 Crafts Avenue, Northampton MA, 01060
Mouthwatering cheese, a baguette, a bottle of wine, and a pint of Jeni's ice cream are all you need from Provisions for an amazing dinner. The wine selection is perfect - you’ll get lots of choices but not overwhelming, and you can't go wrong. Pick your favorite charcuterie assortments from here and enjoy a laid-back evening with your friends and family.